2D Buttons within a 3D View, Help!

Hello, I’m trying to create a set of buttons using 3D button quad to be overlaid on a 3D scene. I’ve tried using the billboard and a combination of transforms to position the buttons where I want them but then the intersect doesn’t work correctly. Is using the 3D button quad the best way to do this?
Ultimately I’m wanting to create a contextual menu in 3D space depending on which 3D point the user click on.

Still trying to get my head around the combination of transforms!


you could have a look into the molecule viewer which does this nicely:

Ah, brilliant, thanks Tonfilm, I’ve never seen this patch & document before!

As a small contribution this was the method I used for this in the end. Nesting the renderer with the 3D view inside a flat 2D renderer. See attached patch.

2D in 3D buttons.v4p (40.2 kB)