27.1 strange bug

found something strange that throws funny exceptional errors etc.
can’t make screenshots :(

but here is how to reproduce:

*start vvvv
*create a Penthacoron (EX9.Geometry)
*select it and open it’s helppatch via F1
*wait ~5 minutes: the Penthacoron vanishes.
*close Helppatch
*open Helppatch again: Phongshader is broken now!
*now try to quit vvvv…

anybody able to confirm this?


sorry, it’s now about 10 mins and penthacoron it’s still there.

But when closing helppatch vvvv asks for saving it, though I’ve done nothing.

No problem closing vvvv.

Here win7, intel integrated GC (normally is such a pain, lindenmayer not working, for example, and just because of the GC).


No problem for me either. I kept the help patch open for 15 mins and it worked fine. Closed and opened several times…no error message & phongshader is not broken too.

Have a good day!

seems penthacoron (ex9.geometry) is leaking memory. probably it would help to have Penthacoron in the threads title to attract @fibo to have a look at it.

in general threadtopics with vvvv-version in them only make sense if you find out that a behavior is specific to this version. with this problem though you can easily check that it was also present in b27 and b26 and therefore describing it as a strange b27.1 problem is a bit missleading.