24p jitter @ videoplayback


I run into some troubles by trying to playout 2chn video with an ATI Eyefinity Group (desktop in spanmode) - everything works fine BUT the graphiccard (or beamer???) gives me only a 24p mode. I´ve rendered a native 24p version from my video (source is a TIFF sequence) fiddled around with fullscreen renderer settings, mainloop, etc… there is still a arhythmic framestuttering.

i know the problem could be solved with active DP>DVI dual link converters (i try to get some) also that each beamer is 60Hz native.

anyhow - is there a possible workaround with 24p???

in this case you’d be much better off if you had a 30 fps sequence, or a 50Hz capable beamer. while timestretching is nasty, it might offer the quickest fix. in any case stutterfree playback at native footage speed is only possible if your display rate is a multiple of your footage framerate. (eg. 30fps sequence on 60Hz beamer -> draws a new footage frame every second beaming frame) sorry for the crude explanation, but i hope you get the point…