2021.4 and 2022.5 nodes turning red


Lots of nodes turn yellow and red when I add an empty document as a dependency.
There does not seem to actually be an error.

On 2022.5.0.-310

igbm_dev REFTEST.zip (564.5 KB)

To reproduce

  • Download and extract ‘ibgm_dev REFTEST.zip’

  • Open Patches/IGBM.vl in vvvv 2022.5.0-310

  • Go to definitions, all the nodes should be grey (no error)

  • Create a new blank VL document

  • Back in IGBM.VL go to dependencies > Files > Add existing… and add the new blank document

  • Some nodes turn red and yellow but upon internal inspection no actual errors.
    Adding an empty document as a dependency should not create any errors.


  • Save and reopen, the nodes are now without error


  • I can reproduce the same bug in 2022.5.0-310 and 2022.4.11-1312
  • I need to continue development on 2022.5 because I am using the new Channels feature
  • This is one of those bugs that I feel only appears after your application reaches a certain level of complexity. So rather than try and reproduce from blank I thought I would send a minimum version of my application cut down enough to show the bug behaviour. These test patches are a lobotomised application that doesn’t do anything. I deleted logic and other dependencies to try and narrow down this bug and make a version I can test in 2022.4.11 as well.

Hm, just opened your patch and for me the .Generate category is red, going in there the TileGen_* classes are red, following that route there is indeed a red pin which stems from the somewhat incomplete interface definition iTileGenerator. So maybe let’s first try to get on the same page here - did you maybe delete too much when preparing the patch for the forum post?

Using Float32 on the incomplete interface definition, all patches turn grey and then it is like you describe, after adding a dependency one runs into those somewhat ghost errors. The same behavior can also be seen in the stable 2021.4.10 release.

In any case, we will investigate, thanks for the patch!

Here’s an updated version that should “fix” seeing an interface error

igbm_dev REFTESTv2.zip (466.9 KB)

thank you! this is fixed now.

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