[2020.3 > 0068] Cannot use Elementa's Dropdown if app uses PushToOverlay

hello there,

noticed something odd in latest gamma preview versions with Elementa.

after 2020.3 0068, you cannot unfold a dropdown widget if your application uses a PushToOverlay somewhere in the Elementa graph.

to repro :

  • open the attached patch with 2020.3 0068 and click the dropdown in the Renderer : it opens. (it works but behaves oddly : re-clicking the dropdown does not close it. this is also caused by the presence of the PushToOverlay in the graph)
  • open the attached patch with 2020.3 0071 : you cannot open the dropdown at all.
  • go inside the SecondBlock subpatch, disconnect the PushToOverlay : it works again.

please note : for sure there is something fishy with the Overlay in Elementa, because as I noticed, the dropdown starts misbehaving soon as you have a PushToOverlay in your graph, even in 0068. this report is rather here to point out that it totally stops working after 0068.

thanks in advance!


edit : this uses VL.Elementa 5.0.0-preview01

DropdownBug.vl (38.9 KB)

Thanks for the detailed report. As a workaround for now you can insert an OnOpen node between the Cache region and the SequenceChanged. I’ll report back once there’s a proper fix.

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the workaround works, thanks for the prompt answer!

Will be fixed in upcoming builds.