[2020.3.0 - 0122] Inconsistent behavior when copying and pasting operations from another instance

hey there,

i’m copying and pasting some pins assigned to an operation from one instance of gamma to a patch in an other instance where this operation does not exist yet.

sometimes all works fine, but sometimes i get weird behaviors :

  • either only one pin of the operation is pasted to the destination patch (if the source op had several)
  • or if I copy pins and the node they’re attached to, somehow only the links and the node show up in the destination patch, but not the pins :


attached is the vl file that was saved with this weird glitch, if that can help. this is all happening in the ColorHSV (Spectral Advanced) class.

happy to provide more details if necessary!


VL.Elementa.Widget.Color.vl (630.0 KB)

edit : could it be related to the fact that pins with this name already exist in the destination patch?
edit2 : nope, pasted a pin having a name that already exists in this patch, showed no issue.

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