[>= 2020.2.0] Silent crashes when editing a patch

hello there,

since a few versions, gamma silently crashes when doing random things such as deleting an operation from a class, or changing a category name. it also happened after simply creating a node.

i experienced this three times in the same patch, so here are some repro instructions :

  • checkout VL.Elementa to this commit : 0dcb02f (on the dev_seb branch).
  • open the help\Overview\wip Tooltip.vl patch with 0176
  • from there, navigate inside the Tooltip region
  • create a new input pin named Close On Mouse Move by typing its name in the nodebrowser and clicking on Input
  • gamma should freeze and crash

as i said, the same behavior also happened after doing other random stuff, but this one seems to make it every time.

edit : after trying to re-re-repro to be sure, now the crash does not necessarily happen. sometimes I had to create three or four pins before the crash, sometimes I could create a few nodes inside the Task region … sorry to be vague but given gamma’s behavior here I can’t provide something more precise :)
edit 2: trying to track down when this started happening, and 2020.2.0 also shows this behavior. unfortunately, Elementa patches won’t open on 2020.1.XXX so I can’t dig further.
thanks in advance!

Thanks, I was able to reproduce it. Issue must’ve been present for quite a while. Fixed in upcoming builds.


Thanks :)

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