[2020.1-0040] Gamma shut down when using Randomizer node

Gamma shutdown and throw an exception if I use Randomizer node.
After that, it is impossible to open any file or backup that contains it.
Here is the log

Hm not sure what happend. Do you still have the VL file?

Ahh did you by any chance generate and save characters in an IO box as you’re trying to do here? Random char Well yes we’re aware of such a bugger that there are a few characters which when they make it into the xml file the parser crashes completely. There was no obvious bugfix for that back when we were looking into it :/

Oddly, an error occurs only when I add Randomizer to the patch. I can’t save the patch because of it. The error vanishes and I can save the patch when I delete Randomizer.
It looks like characters in the IO box don’t affect anything. Anyway, I will avoid them in the IO box so far.

This is the last backup (88.0 KB)

Hm the file you uploaded doesn’t help much, its cut off right in the middle. Can you maybe give me step by step guide?

the whole bunch of backups step by step (27.1 KB)

All those backup files are corrupt. In all cases the XML writer crashed and left a broken file. So I’m pretty sure the reason being an IO box of type Char or Spread<Char> containing characters the XML writer doesn’t like at all. I’ll put the issue up for re-evaluation internally. Thanks for reporting it.

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