2020.1.0 Crashes after open a help patch

Fresh install on production machine, i’ve uninstalled visual studio and some dependencies and restart, still crashing.
Is anyone experimenting the same?

why did you do that?

what exactly are you doing to get a “crash” and hwo does that look like?

I did it because on the first try it didn’t work, actually after uninstalling visual studio and c++ runtimes, it seems the crash comes later.
Basically if i open a help patch and i wait a bit or i do some mouse interaction, it crashes (no freeze, it just closes), even simple one without skia renderer.
No other gamma versions are currently installed.
First time i have this issue with gamma, older versions have worked fine.

any hint on this? is there a way to enable the log without to open gamma?

There is gossip that you can run it with --debug key.

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Can you unistall vvvv gamma and re-install with Build Tools selected and see whether the build tools installer has any problems?

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it with build tools without problems.
If i start gamma and simply create a node or select with the mouse on the canvas, it crashes.
The node browser seems to work.
Antivirus is disable.

Hi guys, this is getting frustrating, is there any way to debug this right for an average user?

Ok the frustation is gone i think i got it, i’ve disabled Fraps and now it works! you should keep this in track.

sorry for the frustration but as you see with the solution you found, nothing we could have helped with. we haven’t seen anything like this and didn’t have any idea how to help you debug this further. so thanks for staying on this and updating us with your findings.

I can’t believe i’m the only one using fraps or other screen capture solution.
Anyway thanks for the hints.

just tested with fraps on my machine and it works. no issues. it may be a special case with your graphiccard/driver in combination with fraps. really hard to diagnose…

umm, interesting, maybe i’m using an old fraps version. Good moment for an update.

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