2019 VR gear

Hi everybody. Time has come to get into VR and would like to know your experinece and your advice before spending money on the gear. Right now my choice would be HTC Vive but it´s still pretty expenensive.
It’s obviously ment to be used with vvvv

imho the vive pro is pretty nice (better resolution, greater area that can be covered with the new lighthouses (up to 4 supported), possibility to go wireles with the vive wireless) and worth the money if you can afford it.

personally i use the the oculus rift CV1, which i like also very much (especially the touch controllers) but is more tedious to setup (requires 3 usb3 ports for cameras and headset).
i’d say it depends on your usecase - if you need more space you should probably go for the vive. for development purposes close to your desk the oculus should do for about a third of the price - but its already two years old.
my guess is that in the near future standalone, mobile based systems with 6dof tracking like the oculus quest (coming end of Q1/2019) or the vive focus will become much more important to target end users. i hope very much that there will be a vl/xenko way of deploying applications to these devices.

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I tried a quest yesterday and it was great. The ‘inside out’ tracking was excellent and was a revelation to be so free and unburdened. I couldn’t tell how far the graphics could be pushed. Apart from that, A+. I’m also hoping for a VL&Xenko dev possibility.

Other than that we’ve been using Vive pros and backpack pcs for a largish room scale vr. It’s great kit on the whole, though very physically cumbersome. My money is on the smaller Quest type systems presenting the best opportunities going forwards


Thanks guys. Any experience with Oculus Quest and VVVV.OpenVR?

@matka you can check whether quest works with SteamVR and 3d applications downloaded with it. this is an indication whether it works with VVVV.OpenVR.

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@matka @tonfilm Oculus Quest is a standalone Android (Oculus OS flavor) based headset running on ARM architecture. The only way I can think of VVVV support is either streaming (and trying to keep up with 75fps and low latency) or natively compiled VL+Xenko when that option is available - VL will have to support Android build targets and Xenko will have to support other VR environments than Vive and Rift (https://doc.xenko.com/latest/en/manual/virtual-reality/enable-vr.html). Or just have VVVV running as a parameter server and then have the Quest application done in Unity or Unreal, if that would make sense for the application.

It is a cool device nonetheless, the possibilities for the price, might grab one when it comes out in spring.

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Thanks for your insights guys. After some research the balance leans towards Oculus Rift cv1. Somehow feels more confortable and can be found for pretty reasonable price.

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