[2019.2] Even when exported, ApplicationPath seems to point to the VL patch


On gamma 2019.2 0015, i’m creating an app that looks for a specific txt file on Create (when the app starts). If it does not find the file, it’s supposed to write it.
To generate the file, I’m using ApplicationPath along with MakePath, as suggested in the Graybook (the input pin here just specifies the name of the file).


Turns out when I start the .exe, the txt file is written next to the VL patch, and not the exported app.


did I miss something?


i’m afraid i cannot reproduce this here. any chance you can provide a minimal application that demonstrates this?

@joreg i think it’s this one: https://github.com/sebescudie/GammaLauncher


ok, two things here:

please look carefully: the documentation does not suggest to use MakePath but a simple + string!

and 2nd:
by taking a path on the Input and converting it to a string you already get an absolute path there. the MakePath then apparently simply discards the first part if the second part is an absolut path.

so: for now please use simple string operations and it should work.

thanks for clarifying that! will update soon.

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