[2019.2] Broken things in Elementa

Hey there, a few things I noticed when digging Elementa with 2019.2 :

  • If you open Elementa.Core.vl and look in .Advanced.IElementum, the DefaultElementum class definition is red. This is the case from 2019.2 0015 onwards (I don’t have 0007 installed on this machine), and does not happen on 2019.1 0975.

  • Starting from 2019.2 0169, all definitions from Elemeta.Core.Layout.Fit.Advanced are red. The operations they contain (located in Elementa.Core.Layout.Adaptive.Advanced) throw this error :

AddWidth  [Elementa.Core.Layout]
Couldn't match pin types of AddWidth [Elementa.Core.Layout.Rectangle.Collections] - Advanced 
Couldn't match pin types of AddWidth [Elementa.Core.Layout.Rectangle] - Advanced 
Adaptive node AddWidth [Elementa.Core.Layout] - Advanced - Adaptive can't implement an adaptive node.

This error does not happen on 2019.2 0140.

  • Since 2019.2, the HowTo Datatype Inspector help patch does not work as expected. No red nodes, it just does not work : you cannot unfold the ParticleSystem entry. This is 2019.1 :


And 2019.2


not much I can do now to look into that now, just reporting cause it seems to be there since gamma switched to Roslyn.

edit: All At Once demo still working though!

Thanks a lot for the roundup. We are indeed aware of those and are currently tweaking the type unification algorithm.
The first error though is indeed correct and can be fixed in Elementa. Open the patch explorer (left pane) and you should see bunch of empty patches. Another story how they even got there in the first place - copy paste bugger I guess…

thanks for the answer, will check those empty patches later :)

An upcoming build will re-enable the very rough support for attributes in new backend. So everything should be back to normal then.

ah there was one ? :)

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