[2019.2 - 0140] Gamma throws exceptions and creates ghost IOBoxes when creating IOBoxes

hei there,

was playing with DragDropEvents when, after I connected an IOBox to the ouput of HoldLatest that was taking an Observable<Object>, the patch started throwing exceptions and rendering oddly :


the two Result pads are like locked, you can’t even select them. There used to be a link between DragDrop and the Foreach (via a pad) that is now gone.

Here’s the patch causing the issue (you can discard the external nuget here) :

TouchZone.vl (54.6 KB)

edit : something similar happened while trying to create an IOBox of type IDataObject in that scenario :


edit 2 : just happened here on a different project (still 2019.2 0140) when creating an IOBox out of a text node, got an Object Not Set […] exception, and then got this ghost IOBox that cannot be selected/moved :


After closing gamma and re-placing said process node in the application patch, this exception popped and the patch rendered like this :


after randomly clicking in the patch, the ghost IOBoxes now display “In”


looks like you can repro that by creating a Text node in a fresh document and drawing an IOBox out of it.

This is making the software pretty much unusable for any extended period of time and I’m forced to revert back to 2019.1. Some feedback please, devs.

looks like that was fixed in 0169, is it devvvvs?

yep it seems so. thannks for the report!

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