[2019.2 - 0026] - weird behavior of --package-repositories arg

Hey there,

Was working on some elementa update with vvvv started with --package-repositories. Elementa is picked from my package-repo folder (D:\Documents\dev\vvvv\libraries), but for some reasons, some of its internal dependencies are linked to gamma’s packages folder.

So, this is fine :


But if you go inside the ScrollGroup node, you get this, it’s located in gamma’s packages folder :


And if you open Elementa.vl and check where it is looking for Elementa.Core.vl, you can see that it’s also looking in my repo folder

What could be wrong here ?


ps : wanted to add the “preview” tag here, but discourse tells me it’s restricted to bug and question categories, which is weird because this post is in the gamma/question category

Thanks. Fixed in upcoming preview.


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