2016 Computer Build Thread

I’m hoping to build a PC that can handle a lot more high end VVVV stuff. I’d like to be able to get reasonably stable 30/60fps from Emeshe at 720p/1080p, and I’m hoping to build something that can handle lots of texture effects at high framerates like 1080p 60fps and 720p 120fps.

I’m mainly concerned about which graphics cards might be my best bet for the money and will play nicest with VVVV. For blender, Nvidia CUDA is way in advance of AMD’s OpenCL implementation for GPU based rendering in cycles. Are there any important VVVV contributions/features that take advantage of manufacturer specific technlogies that I should be aware of when selecting a card?

Thanks all.

last time i try 980ti or titan is when you get around 30 fps from emeshe
anyways nvidia is much less picky on mistakes in your code, e.g. if u do something incorrect there is much less chance nvidia driver will crash
as for high FPS rendering i think there is more troubles with vvvv getting slow itself then with dx11 pipeline…
Basically there is a chance you can get what you desire however it’s all about understanding how pipeline works and a lot of internals customization and optimization