2 videos - audio crossfade problem


i patched a videoshuffler, using 2 quads with video textures playing all the time, the upper one fades alpha in or out to provide smooth transitions.

that’s the problem:
A is playing. i press, A volume is set to -60db, B volume is set to 0db (still just A hearable), A fades out, when B fully visible A loads next videofile (suddely B hearable).

vvvv seems to react to the volume changes only when a new videofile gets loaded. is this normal or can it be solved?


helo schlonzo,

on the AudioOut (DShow9) nodes Driver make sure you have one of the drivers with DirectShow in their names selected. not the WaveOut one (which i believ only has one global volume for all audioout nodes).

with a directshow-driver selected i’d say you should be able to change the volume interactively and independently on multiple AudioOut nodes. can you confirm this?

yes, that works perfectly! thanks!