2 Transforms for 2 texture Newbee Q

Oke, I have started with shaders, still need to understand the other 99%, but it is a start.

For my shader I wanted simple to switch between 2 textures.
(By ‘remapping’ the colors from both textures, using a 0.000 - 1.000 mixing slider)

So I copied the “Difference Texture” from the pixelshaders for Noobs tutorial pakage, and I only changed the “Pixelshader” part (this was the only example shader with 2 inputs).

But now I see that the 2 Transform pins in there, well, do nothing, only one works, and as soon as I connect the other pin to a transform node, the same transform node will ‘snap’ to both pins. So something is wrong with my transformation, or can shaders only use 1 transformation??

SnowTexture2.zip (2.8 kB)

i’m pretty sure they have the same uiname, e.g. they both are called “Transform”…

Yep, you where right, that fixed the connection problem.

But now it still seems that there is only 1 transform pin that actualy does something.

Still kind of stuck in getting 2 transforms to work :(