2 Screens / 2 Render passes


I have two render(DX9) one on Nvidia #1 and the second fullscreen on Nvidia #2
…if the second is fullscreen, the first (boxed) Renderwindow turns gray…

Whats to do…


quote from the DirectX Rendering FAQ:
This is a bug. If you connect an IOBox (Value Advanced) with slider behaviour=Bang (and bang it once) to DepthBuffer (or on a ClearDeapthBuffer, i don’t remember) pin on one of the Renderer(DX9) it’s ok.
You also have to bang the fullscreen renderer because he otherwise seems to loose the correct Backbuffer size and the image becomes fuzzy.

i think that should work for you

thx …


and how can i do that for 2 renderers in fullscreen-mode???
one in fullscreen on Nvidia #1 and the second fullscreen on Nvidia #2

information provided above is no longer valid for the current release. try with a version >= beta9.10 and you should not have those troubles.