2 persons, tracked by 2 cameras, virtual hulls

hi there!

i want to do a project, track the shapes of 2 persons in a room, create 2 to 3 layers of hulls around them and let the hulls interact with each other. create sound and visuals for example.

i thought of tracking them with infrared. but how to let the patch know who is who if there are just bright pixels? how to get the 3d coordinates (or even the shape) of the overlapping areas. is that possible?

best regards,
your schlonzo

trackin.gif (20.1 kB)

the helppatch for the Contour (FreeFrame DShow9) node might be of interest to you! (it’s generally a good start in terms of tracking.)

Hi schlonzo

Diki is right the contour help patch show you how the node works and expecially show you how to use the ID, witch help you understand who is who. also when the people ther are moving in the space.

but just a question… why do you want to use 2 cameras for traking?

i could track them from above with just one camera, but then i could only react to the shortest distance between the persons. i want to get closer to recording those interactions in 3d space. therefore 2 cameras.