2 or more inputs

I’m learning about the spread on “tutorial spread 2” (http://vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=Tutorial+SpreadsII)
but I don’t understand why it don’t works with 2 or more inputs…
Someone help me pleas?

2 or more.v4p (15.7 kB)

the grid has 100 points, that goes in the first XY input of Points2Vector, the second XY input in the spreads tutorial has only one input. new vvvv repeats the second XY inputs until it gets to 100.

G1 - P
G2 - P
G3 - P
G4 - P
G5 - P

G99 - P
G100 - P

now if you put 4 slices in the second XY input vvvv repeats the 4 slices. then you have:

G1 - P1
G2 - P2
G3 - P3
G4 - P4
G5 - P1
G6 - P2
G7 - P3
G8 - P4
G9 - P1

G99 - P3
G100 - P4

the solution is to use another Cross for the grid and the positions. but then you get 400 values:

G1 - P1
G1 - P2
G1 - P3
G1 - P4
G2 - P1
G2 - P2
G2 - P3
G2 - P4
G3 - P1

G100 - P3
G100 - P4

see patch for some hints on this:

2 or more.v4p (23.4 kB)

Thank you ;)
now I understand, but i need to use the input simultanneously…
I seen it works correctly if I put 40 on the first linear spread count pin…
is the right way?
is there another way?

yes, i know, please read the explanations in the patch… connect the Min node to the map, the switch was only there to explain what happens.

My mistake!
now works correctly
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you