2 meshes into 1 shader

somebody around here an idea for that?

what i want to do:

mesh 1
*will be generative and dynamic
*will be kind of unregular: something like a heavily deformed plane
*shall be used as a kind of mirror.

a light source or even a projected texture shall be reflected under influence of mesh 1’s normals onto

mesh 2


Same stuff i’m working it, any result ?

talking about caustics ?

that’s exactly what i had i mind.

any news about caustics? because i need something like that… really probably me need is much simple, because i need only the light effect of caustics (like an underwater scene)

uuh recently i thought about it again.
no progress indeed.

ok ;))
i don’t know if it help, but i found [http://www.ogre3d.org/wiki/index.php/Hydrax
|this ocean simulator] for ogre. It calculates some stuff, and the caustics too, but, if you download it and take a look of it you can see that they use a bitmap sequence as animated map. This could be a solution (and they caustics texture seems good enough, it is tileable perfectly and it loops perfectly). Not an elegant way, but probably the result will be good. I haven’t tried it yet, but i will test it soon ;)

the direct link of the sources of this plugin for ogre is this
Inside this rar you find the animated texture in this path: