2 gpus with 8 fullhd screens possible?


I would like to setup machine with 2 gpus to play 8 fullhd 60 fps videos in sync, anybody has experience with this? Vidoewall is made of 2x4 screens.

Currently i am using two pcs to render live the installation but i would like to have single pc cheaper solution (i imagine these gpus does not have to be high end to just play frames)

Alternative could be to render 2xhd on every output of gpu

Or use different system completely.

Of course i can use videowall settings on screens and have one HD picutre for every two screens but i am working with fine graphics and texts and sharpness of picture is prefered.

I am using samsung screens with integrated cpus and magicinfo but that thing seems very lame, and i do not trust it very much.

It this case streamlining the system is priority for me, any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi @StiX ,
I’m starting working on a similar project, and I’m wondering if there is not a “lighter” option:
Having one GPU outputing 2 4k streams ( so 8 x 1080p in total amount of pixels ), and then using the built-in videowall capacities of the displays for each screen to get one quarter of the 4k image. I am not sure if this works with these samsung displays, but on this point you might have the answer ?