2-3 day job in london for vvvv expert!


We need someone who’s very experienced with vvvv and working on live shows to help us out in london. It’s only 2-3 days worth, in particular you’d need to be free around the 13th feb. Should be relatively easy money though (all the hard work’s been done already!).

Please email me at mike@burst-tv.net with your details, some details of other shows you’ve worked on and your daily rate etc.



You should specify what kind of help you need.


OK, we’ve got a gig coming up where we’re performing our short (~7min) performance piece that uses acrobats and vvvv running some video and reactive visuals behind them. The show is all done and rehearsed. We have performed it live before and we’re not changing it. Trouble is, the gig is on 13th feb and I have to be somewhere else over that period. I’m the only person on our small team who knows vvvv. So we need to pay someone who can take charge of setting up our PCs, camera and IR lighting. We have all the relevant equipment. Everything else A/V wise (projector, cabling, screen, stage etc) is being provided and set up by the organiser.

I see the job as being 2-3 days, one early on to watch a rehearsal, see the setup and go through the vvvv stuff. One setup day on the job (probably the day before the gig) and then the evening itself.

If all goes well the only thing to do on the night once it’s set up is press “go” on cue. No other patching or input required. Apart from answering my questions about how to improve my vvvv skills of course (especially on getting video to run smoothly. This is an endless source of frustration for me…) The patches I made are reasonably complex, but I’d only call myself an intermediate user so it’s nothing that an experienced user can’t figure out (and i’ve commented them all and laid them out reasonably well I think). Shouldn’t need to change them anyway, unless you can see a good way of improving them well in advance. It’s just in case anything unforeseen happens that we need an experienced person. Same goes for the lighting setup.

Hope that helps.

seems to be a case for @catweasel