16 bit Artnet DMX signal

I’m trying to find out how to send Data in 16-bit to an Arduino.
For 8-bit I’m using the DMX - Artnet Sender, but I can’t find something to work with 16.

thanks for your time,


but becouse you want to recive via ethernet/wifi shield,no?? if you use serial port you can send too via usb cable

Yes, but for this installation USB cable wouldn’t work.
The 8 bits of the DMX - Artnet Sender node isn’t enough, so I would need to use 16 bits…
I will try UDP and OSC as well, but ideally I should keep working with Artnet because of the installation my program has to run with.
So I’m open to any suggestions, but thanks anyway!

Hi Juan,

how about using 2 channels for the 16-Bit value, this is common in standard DMX / Art-Net Application, usually Moving Heads use 16-Bit resolution for their head movement. Usually it’s encoded like course 8-Bit and fine 8-Bit where the 8-Bit fine are interpolating 255 steps between two course Steps. So you just need some simple math to get what you want to achieve


yes it is true it how usually works pan fine and tilt fine :D