14bit midi

I bought a BCR2000 this week, unfortunatly its not quite right so Im getting it swapped tomorrow…
But you can set it up to do 14bit midi, as I’ve not got it working yet I cant do anything with it yet, but has anyone tried 14bit midi yet?
Is it possible to use with vvvv, or is it possible to write a patch to make it work?
ANyone tried yet?


hi catweasel,

with GlovePie it should be possible to
*get the 14bit values
*split them into two 7bit values (coarse and fine)
*remap them to whatever MIDIcontroller you want.

only 14bit midi controller vvvv can recieve is the pitch bend controller.

thats basically a midi limitation. the pitch band is not exactly a midi controller but has its own message. which happens to transmit 14bit for pitch bend messages.

apart from that there is often the technique to split high definition values into two controllers, one for the lower and one for the upper 7 bit. you can create this on your own by scaling the lower controller by 1/127 and adding that value to the upper controller.

it might make sense to s+h the result to deliver the result only when the second message is received, otherwise you might add inconsistent pairs which lead to errorneous spikes in your result.