Zooming in/out (scaling) with origin at MousePos, GoogleMaps-Style?

Hi people,

Was looking for a prgram today to let me virtually edit a bunch of photographs, group and sequence them and so on. Didn’t find any so I made one. So far, I throw a spread of quads on my virtual floor which I then can drag and drop around. I navigate the floor with rightClick-drag and I can also zoom in/out with mouseWheel. And here comes the problem:

I’d like to zoom in on an image resp. at where the mouse is, not on 0,0. But I can’t find a way to control this. (Haven’t used vvvv in a while, seems like I am a bit rusty) The behaviour should just be like in a whatever™Maps application.

attached is a distilled version with a static Cross-grid.
Thankful for any pointers.

imageSequencerZoomWork.v4p (23.9 kB)

have you tried Camera (Transform 2d)?

for reasons I can’t reconstruct now (and are probably silly in retrospect) I happened to ditch the navigation through ca… Installed the new version while typing this. Am looking at Camera (Transform 2d) right now.

Oookay :) This, uhm, will do. lol

Edit: Yes, it does. Had to do some InverseTransformation and divide some stuff with the CameraTransform’s zoomfactor but it’s perfect now. Thanks, joreg.