When working on rather large patches it would be nice to be able to zoom in and out of the patch window.

Oh and another thought was, wiuld it be possible to create a 3d pipet which could sample the colors/shades in a 3d environment…3d light matrix…mmmmm ;-)

i remember that i once more or less by accident found some Keyboard Shortcuts:
CTRL 9 and CTRL 0.
don’t know if they still work, but in any case be careful: it may be buggy…

Ah, it was there all allong! Thanks Kalle. Tried it in a couple of patches, seems to work fine in some but is buggy in others.

io-boxes are not zoomable

a little refresh on this feature would be handy:
make the zoom in/out be relative to the position of the cursor (like in google maps)

When working on rather large patches…

you should try pressing ALT, CTRL, ALT+CTRL while using the mousewheel.

also you should try to press SHIFT while moving a selection of nodes.

keeping these shortcuts in mind may sweeten the time you’ll have to wait for any zoomfeatures.

and perhaps there are even more ‘hidden’ ui-features the devvvvs try to keep as a surprise for us…

for quick reference “press SHIFT while moving a selection of nodes” refers to when you’re moving nodes with the cursor keys (i didn’t get that at first).

the mouse wheel panning features are gorgeous. Didn’t know how i ever lived without them!