Zip (value bin) is very cpu hungry ... bug?

While creating rope geometry I noticed that the Zip (Value Bin) is very cpu hungry. I made a work around, so it’s ok.

See the attached patch.

I use vvvv_45beta33.3_x64

zip bin bug.v4p (2.5 MB)

That’s because the bin sized version needs to build up a two dimensional spread internally. The smaller the bin size the more overhead will get produced. The regular version doesn’t need to do that and can directly work on its input data. That’s basically the reason why both versions are provided.
Should your vector inputs use the same dimension try to use the 2D/3D/4D versions. Should have the same performance as the one working on single values.

Thanks for the reaction.

So as I understand it’s better not to use this node with big spreads except if you use big bin sizes.

Good to know.