Zip and Unzip with input/output pingroups


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+1 Cons and decons are ok, but… Yesterday I had a crash (sudden quit) because Id forgotten decons needs the right sized spread to work, fine I avoided nil and resampled, be nice to have option too, and also unzipping to spreaded outputs was super useful.

I put decons nodes inside Try regions …

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Currently there’s no system in place which would tell you the output count which has been added by user commands. Definitely something to consider.

A workaround would be to provide an input pin where the user feeds the count and internally generate the pins - that way the source of truth is the input pin. Essentially the HowTo Create Pins Programmatically help patch, but instead of the names you take just a count.

Regarding the Decons - I guess we’d be open to make it less strict, assigning defaults to the outputs for which there is no value for. But that change would then apply to all nodes using output pin groups.


@Elias I often refrain from using decons and use getslice because I want to avoid patching the NULL handling. I would welcome less strict decons.

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In the upcoming 2021.4.11 output pin groups (which includes the Decons) node will no longer throw an index out of bounds exception. Unassigned outputs will return the .NET default value. For numbers that means the output is zero, while for classes & records the output will be NULL.


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