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Is this what you mean? “How to import the AI model of self (max to do), and UV is not fit, the deformation is very exaggerated.”

AI - Adobe illustrator? Can you please be a bit more clear?

what he asking is that how do i import 3d model with correct uv mapping(made with 3dsmax) in vvvv? b’coz the uv map doesn’t match the model.
see this post howto prepare x files or maybe assimp plugin?

大侠理解正确!… no text …

this is an english speaking forum in case you didnt notice

since when?

what ?

ich kann mich auch irren, dann schreibt halt jeder in seiner sprache, das macht die suche nach antworten deutlich spannender :)

I recall once when someone spoke in a strange language and someone said that you can ask questions in any language you like, but you have a better chance of getting and answer to your question if you do it in English.

i’m quite surprised about this discussion. i thought its common sense to write in english…since its not just easier to get an answer but helps others to learn from your thread. so its kind of social to at least try…

It’s probably a common sense to write in english for you but not for everyone apparently. Writing in an other language still help other people and there are lots of vvvv user in China for example. In a lot of other country people don’t have your english skills u7angel, that’s why some guys translate the documentation in different languages, in case you didn’t notice.

i was taught in the very same forum to write in english by countless “english please” comments. if things changed, fair enough.

my oppinion doesnt change though, one could at least try, use translation tools or whatever to built a sentence like this “how import 3D model with UV map” ;) when everybody else writes in english…just click forum and see for yourself. my sense of politeness.

edit: if this is meant to be, multi-language forum, maybe there is a point to translate this into the website, add filter for several languages… if this is what you want ?

i’m with u7angel here. the forum is already a bit hard to keep track of. (i mean 1 subforum for all those diverse application fields of vvvv, reallyyyy?) allowing any language of choice does not make sense and would quickly turn this nice little forum into a cluttered mess imho. i can see the benefit of localized subforums, but not with the current flat hierarchy.
also i know this discussion from other communities (e.g. unity3d or autodesk products) and while it can help to have a localized forum to make your first steps in a new environment it’s always the english “main” forums where the really interesting topics are discussed. so to sum it up: trying to avoid english in the internet will only get you so far…

these are ofcourse only my 0.02€ ;)

@lecloneur: its not the vvvvorums that people translate, its the wiki
@m4d: i think tags are more elegant than subforums

Just for reference.

which reads in english (translated by google :)

This quote was taken from legac.vvvv.org and the respective wikipage was last edited in 2004.

sometimes the uv coordinate system is just flipped. connecring a rotation transform and rotate one of the axis by o.25 0.5 or -0.25 or -0.5 could help.

@ggml yes indeed, that’s why I wrote : " some guys translate the documentation ".