Zebrafy pixel shader

anyone knows how to achieve this filtering in pixel shader?

blur might be a bit tricky to do in a single pass, check the Blur tfx
and that zebra filter seems like simple color=0.5+0.5sin(lightnessFrequency); (or color.r instead of lightness or smth)

where is this from?

@sebl: http://www.genarts.com/effects/sapphire#tabs-8
check down page “zebrafy”
@unc: I was thinking to get it with Levels TFX, but it doesnt make this funny Luma looping. unfortunately i am lost in HLSL and cant compile new code

@DiMiX have you tried ColorWaveShaper tfx (in Sine mode)?

SineWave.v4p (13.4 kB)

thanks man, that’s it.