hi all

after a long time i try to restart in vvvv and of course getting my first problem. i try to build some kind of cover flow slide show…and first steps are working. but the z sorting is not working. means: transarency of objects is not rendered correct. i think the layers are not sortet in the right direction?!

anybody who could help?



CoverFlow1.v4p (32.0 kB)

this is a classic: you have to enable the depthbuffer of your renderer. (set to e.g. d24x8) ;)

edit: also transparency and zbuffering are natural enemies in realtime rendering. in vvvv dx9 it basically boils down to sorting transparent objects on the cpu, but even that could bear problems.

(explanation courtesy of http://away3d.com/forum/viewthread/2623/)

hope that helps… ;)

hi m4d

i allready know about these problems and looking for a solution how to fix it! activating depth buffer doesnt realy solve it!
if i activate depth buffer only the left side from center is rendered correct! right side is loosing alpha.
i am looking for a way how i can rearrange the render order of the objects by the z depth! i think this should solve it! but i don’t know how i could change the order.



in theory it works like this: get the z-positions and sort them, use the former index output to getslice all transformations and textures of the quad to change the draw order.

CoverFlow1.v4p (31.6 kB)

hi tonfilm

jepp, thats it! i was pretty close but had still a bug ;)

big thx and greetz