You will be asked

has been marked as changed because of convertions (from to 33beta15). you will be asked for OVERWRITING your patch with the updated version…

So I get this popping all the time, I’ve tried movingt a node and then saving the patch, but they still give the same notice, how do you solve this, or should I just not care (TBH I dont take that musch notice, just looking for tidiness!)


to be sure i would backup the whole project folder.

opening the patch in the new version already changes the patch through conversion. if don’t want the to have the message the next time you should save all the patches with the new version. however patches which were converted in that way might not be able to be opened correctly in the last version.

conversion to version >=14.9 are 2 things:

  • waveplayer
  • B-Spline wryly

(see the difff.xml for all the conversion info)

These have been doing this since beta 13 (in this particular patch), and I have tried to save them to stop the messages (usuallt open the patch move a node and save), do I need to save as, or should a simple save do?

a simple save should do it

AHh seems top do it now, previously they have still claimed to be old versions, even after saving!