XY Offset Perlin (DX11.TextureFX)


I’m looking for a way to offset Perlin (DX11.TextureFX) in X and Y direction to get some kind of panning effect. I’ve tried to offset the texture coordinates, but I can’t see that effect. I’m wondering if the blending of different octaves in the shader are preventing that effect to be visible?

Noise3D (DX11.TextureFX) coming with InstanceNoodles does it but doesn’t provide as much detail.

Is there a way of achieving this panning effect with Perlin (DX11.TextureFX)?

Thanks a lot!


I guess it made that way, so it exists between 0-1 corrds, making it kinda infinite repettion in both ways…

I’ll see if i can fix this… Maybe it will be easier to get another version of perlin…


That would be amazing! Thanks in advance. :)


Hey, don’t really have much time and progress to fix the Perlin formula…
Did a try with generating some sort of gaigantic texture, and scroll that instead, but seem that shader produces artifacts…so…

I’ve would suggtest you try to port this instead
Since i’m not aware of final result you desire, bit hard to pickup something…


@jerry Wouldn’t it be an option to achieve it via changing the Texture Transform?


@baxtan: it’s not going to be seamless unfortunately.


I ported the shader as recommended by @antokhio. Thanks for mentioning it. Not sure if the code is clean and efficient. Anyway, the offset is working:

perlin noise (4.0 KB)