Xpath node can't deal UTF-8?

Hello vvvvvoiys
Now I works with xpath node and HTTP get node for get some text from web API.
(That site is encoded by UTF-8.)
But it doesnt woks and xpath node say “nil”.

I found some code is garbled with ANSI


 brabrabra ・/vvvv> 

Is there any way to parse UTF-8 xml correctly?

more info

  • That language is japanese.
  • Iobox correctly show with UTF-8 mode.

Sorry for my bad English


Im not to deep into uttf8 matter - I tried it once and havnt problems with xpath node and utf8 file.
Can you post a sample here? To have a closer look.

thank you for your reply!

please make a diagnosis my patch.


goo_ranking.v4p (10.5 kB)


your query was wrong.
the root element is ‘rdf:RDF’ and title is the child
so using the query ‘//title’ you get everything that is within the each title tag.

this type of xml, however, is a little harder to parse since its using namespace declarations. e.g. ‘/rdf:RDF/title’ won’t return anything. haven’t figured out a way to do that

Oh! Im mistaked…
I’ll try to study xml again.

Unfortunately It doesnt works though I put correct query as you say.


Anyway thanks woei.