Xpath memory leak

Hi All

I am not sure if this is a bug or just me no understanding the xpath node properly.

I have discovered that there is a memory leak in the xpath node when the xml input changes.

to test for yourself, open the helpfile for the xpath, open the task manager and move nodes around, the memory usage of vvvv increses. I tried to remove the gdi renderer and just have the xpath output to an io-box but same thing.

is there a work around for this?

In the intended aplication the xml is dynamic and changes often so the memory leak is a problem to my intended use.


i can’t check now, but this may be related to the Undo issue? check the Undo node…Enabled ->0 disables the undo functionality of 4v

I actualy also tried disabling undo… same result, still leaking

Oh, I am using version 19.1 also tried in 15.1

Hi All

just to revive this thread, Any inputs from devvvvs?


Happy new year evryone

just another attempt to revive this question, I tried again with beta20 and the leak is still there.

so any ideas? can others confirm the leak, I have tested on 3 different installations on 3 different machines?


I couldnt reply your fault - 14.9 and 17.0. It works fine for me with no memory increase.
May be some windows settings you use? Did you try to turn it off and on again? No, just kidding ;D Did you tried it at a different PC? Same result?

So far I have tried 3 different pc’s both xp and vista.

I discovered the leak in a patch that parses an xml file every second, the xml file contain the time of generation an thus changes every second.

Xpath only increases memory use when the xml it parses changes.

Just checked again and the same thing happen.

It is puzelling me this thing… and strange if no other can reproduce the leak.

I have made a little patch the shows the problem, run it and watch the memory usage in windows task manager.

perhaps others can reproduce the leak with this patch

xpath-mem_leak_test.v4p (7.0 kB)

Okay I see it:
14.9 nothing (!!!) but 17.0 is RAM usage increasing.

ah, kind of comforting to experience I am not the only one :)

fixed for beta > 20

@gregsn wow, cool, glad it was not difficult to fix :)

just right now vvvv needs 1.7GB RAM…
tomorrow is the delivery to the client.

please help ASAP.

kalle and david.