Xpath instability

didn’t find a way to reproduce this one. but when saving a working xpath query and opening up the patch again xpath node just returns the xml-declaration but with the correct spreadcount the query would have.
happens to me, when the first frame of after opening is quite long (cause of loading pics) and sometimes when copying xpath node + getpatch… into a subpatch.

xpath node is dead then. creating a new node with exactly the same query works, however…

experienced this xpath troubles since it’s spreadable…

hm. no idea concerning the node itself.
but maybe it is related to the fixed bug here?

sorry to say that the bug didn’t disappear with beta 18.
strange enough it is hard to reproduce. it seems like depending on what the xpath output is connected to. having an iobox or regexpr after xpath works as it should, in my case having + string and getslice shows the buggy behaviour. but just in that patch could not create a proper bug demo yet…

no problems with versions 16 and prior

Could be related to this bug too?

I’ve had other issues, and they’ve all been hard to recreate! More info if I ever do!