XPath Error - Reference to undefined entity cr


Reference to undefined entity “cr” messages come out of TTY when certain patches (containing &cr;&lf; text into xml - all I found are CarrigeReturn+LineFeed in IOBoxes commenting patches) are analyzed with XPath.

This is a problem since XPath then outputs a NIL for each pin.

I have two questions:

  • The number of messages in tty is higher than the number of patches for whose XPath outputs a NIL: e.g., I get about 20 tty messages but only about 5 patches containing &cr;&lf; text. Is this due to the nature of tty renderer?

  • Is this a bug?

vvvv 29.2 32bit, MSXML 4.0 and 6.0 installed

Thank you

try setting the nodes Resolve Externals to 1. the crlf are defined in the .dtd that comes with vvvv in \lib and is parsed when this option is on.

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