Xpath delay/dropout

see for yourself.
noticed that when changing the input xml, the output would come delayed one frame.
didn’t check if it actually delays the output or just drops evaluating that frame.

xslt sometimes has the same behaviour although i couldn’t reproduce it for demo

xpath_delay.v4p (9.6 kB)

although i could reproduce your phenomenons i don’t think it is an framebased issue.
what you found seems to be way more cool.

i somehow assumed some rounding errors.
so i reconverted the strings to values and did a subtraction.
voila! precise 0.0000

ahem, almost.
when changing IOBoxbehaviour to “Show Slider” , “Min” to -1, “Max” to 1 i saw some small jitter on the slider, but not in the displayed value!
couldn’t reproduce this though. maybe MainLoop (VVVV) -related.

see attached patch and next post.

seemsNOTtobeaframedelaybug.v4p (19.1 kB)

*spellvalue in Mode ‘english’ does attach a following SPACE to all multiples of TEN greater than twenty…

which IMHO is a very small bug, but is a bug…
(a bug related to lazyness in programming , hehe)

*Xpath seems to ignore exactly a SPACE on last char position in its input string.

furthermore i AM sure that spellvalue in Mode ‘english’ in rare cases inserts a TAB or multiple spaces but sadly i can’t reproduce this right now.

seemstobemorethanonlyonebug.v4p (15.5 kB)

by summing up mentally i am very sure that previously this ignoring-space-as-last-char-Xpath-issue did cost me rather days than hours of FAQing my brain and caused some of my gray hairs…

indeed SpellValue had some whitespace too much to give, while XPath was not so generous with it. both fixed for beta>21. dankuverymuch.