XP vs. Vista

Next week our new computer is going to arrive.

The os choice is between XP64 and Vista. I know many ppl are wary of using Vista because of instability. However this thread is not about irrational fears, its about this crucial decision and underlying facts

So what are your experiences with Vista and XP64 in regard to vvvv?

In vista span modes for graphics cards are no longer supported.

As this feature often is very useful in vvvv i would 100% recommend to choose XP.


what will we do for spans when XP is no longer?

Just wondering about Windows7, I have set myself to skip Vista and go to Windows7 when I can, or is it too soon to tell?

a friend of mine did install the public beta of 7 and said “feels really good and fast!”. but he’s no vvvvguy so he didn’t run vvvv. so it’s too soon to tell.

meanwhile i heard sometimes that vista isn’t that bad anymore (ignoring that spanmodeissue).

Every Vj/realtime gfx related software runs much faster on my XP system… VVVV too…

Another problem i have with vvvvista ist that i get loads of errormessages each time i close vvvv… Could be a driver thing, cant tell.


anybody fully tested xp64 with vvvv? are there any advantages (in vvvv directly) except more ram to use?

cheers, dw

I run xp64 and have done for ages and ages. No problems with vvvv what so ever. I know someone running vvvv on Windows 7, no problems whatsoever.

Best for the moment Windows XP.

Note that XP have its support reported til 2014 so …

@xd_nitro & digitalSlaves: thx for the info, good to know :)

Isn’t there a separe function like on mac, where you can seperate all the different windows by pressing one key? because thats something I always wished to have when using vvvv, after getting a bit crazy with all the (sub)patches and inspectors I have opened.

one thing which (afaik) simply doesn’t work in vista is selecting the StereoMix as source in the AudioIn (DShow9) . the selection of the source works different in vista than in XP, and at the moment, just the XP version is supported.

after getting a bit crazy with all the (sub)patches and inspectors I have opened.

That is called Docking in vvvv ;)

(and is pretty off-topic, sorry)