Xfile Writer-Loader Problems

Hi guys,

i´m having some problems with the Xfile Writer-loader.

Any way to save the particles meshes in a Xfile and load it quickly?
it seems that it takes longer to load it (or simply it doesn´t) than to generate it… weird.

Any help would be very appreciated.


MeshWriter.zip (509.8 kB)

hei lasal, i can only confirm such troubles (long and/or not loading). no idea about it though. also resorted back to generating it.

change it to binary and don’t try to store more then 64k of vertices

Thanks People,

Joreg, is this a limitation, have you in mind to fix it in the future?
i really like the load in background function since the count of vertex can´t be dynamic.

thanks again.

didn’t find any information about the problem. have to assume it is not a vvvv one (for now).

@antokhio: can you point us to the source of that 64k info?

think it’s more for the vertex buffer limitation, but if you use writer won’t it be the same?
well weird since it working with 512x512 grid let’s try 1024x1024

ops collada crashed with 1000x1000 grid, re-open helped…
but now if use writer on that collada i can’t open X after that
but if i rexport that to x and then write it with writer it does work
can attach you the grid but it 180 megs