XFile with 8 meshes in it?


i´m working with a xfile scene that contains 8 meshes in it, animating with spreads in the pins of the transform node.
is fun with gausian or randomspreads and oscilator node to smooth the feeling.

now i want to morph between 2 or more versions of the same xfile scene, but with the morphmesh patch don´t run :(

I think that i need a spredeable version of this nodes, or something like that.

Another way is to make 8 xfiles an animate it separately, but is a little bit hard

anybody knows something about that??

Thanks a lot ;)

So, whats your question now?
If you can nest 8 meshes into one xfile?
Yes, you can do. I did it by just copying the frame (…) tag, with your data in it, of it and copying it below another one. Afterwards you’ve got 8 meshes -> frame (…) tags andd you can get them sperately by getSlice node or all toegether without it.

Thanks Frank,

but i allready have 1 xfile with 8 meshes (i do it in 3dmax) but the problem is when i try to morph between 2 or more xfiles (the same scene with little modifications)
the morphmesh patch doesn´t work.

I´ve tried with other xfiles (with only 1 mesh in it) it does without problems.

the question is:

is there any way to morph between 2 xfiles with 8 meshes in it?

anyway i´m going to try with the getslice node.

thanks a lot for your time, and sorry for my poor english.

What is ‘the morphmesh patch’ ? (attach or link to it?)

I think what you want to to do is a spreadcount issue. Every object does not have same vertice count, so you need to know how many each object has, and resample the morph values with that.

(hope it makes sense, if not, sorry to waste your time ;) )

yeah man, it makes sense!!
It is a good start piont, thanks for your time ;)