Xfile render problem


I am working on a video mapping project on an amorphous form. I exported my 3d model from 3dsmax in x format. However, in the renderer window there are some square shaped dark parts on the model, and I didn’t understand the reason. Couşd you please help me to solve this? I have also attached the x file, the patch and the screenshot.


3drender.zip (141.5 kB)

I changed the windowed depthbuffer format in the inspektor of the renderer, it seems the problem is resolved, but when I make it fullscreen, again that darp squares appeares.

I have not opened your patch, but sounds like need to set fullscreen depthbuffer.

Thanks a lot. I am sure that I looked for it, but I coldn’t see it in the inspektor, now I found it :). Thank you very much, again.