Xfile dimension problem


I am modelling L shaped line in 3DS Max, both sides are 1 metres in length and with 2cm thickness. Export it as a

The problem is when I load that Xfile to the patch with
XFile node the size is far too big that I have to rescale it with Uniformscale Node to as low as 0.02 value.

What I am trying to do is, for video mapping, I have the same L shaped wooden frame in my place that I want to match the size of the virtual one for an animation that I prepared with After Effects software. ( Think it like that the one strukt stuido has developed but far more little scaled URL: Click to watch )

With 2D surfaces, I mean like a door or plain wall I have no problem with mapping, I just prepare the animations with the same resolution with my projector and then match the surface with homography and voila !

So in short, How should I export a Xfile from a 3D program to fit with better scale in vvvv

How can I fit the animations I prepared onto those Xfiles

thanks a lot.


first make sure to set system units in max to match your display units: for example set both to meters
thatway your x file will have a reasonable size in vvvv

use a good x file exporter, i think this is a good one:

for the animation to fit you need to use the unwrap uvw modifier in max and make an uv map that is comfortable to work with

then from the tools menu in the uv editor select render uvw template thatway you get a picture showing the uv-s,
you can then import this picture in a renderer and put the animations on the appropriate places
now just make a texture out of this and connect to xour 3d model in another renderer

or you can import this to afterfx and do the same + render a video which is then applied to your 3d model

I am working with metrics in 3DS Max, what do you mean by the display units ? I also set them metrics in 3Dsmax and when I
create something even in 50cm length it is huge in vvvv !

I am using Panda exporter now but I think I will leave 3DsMax
totally and start working with C4D.

And for the animation I think all of the same rules apply
for the C4D program.

anyway I still didnt have any idea how to make objects
created in 3D software to fit in vvvv.


ok dont know about panda exporter but it should be the same
if you set your units as in the shot attached you get exactly the same values in vvvv as in max

unitsmax.png (11.5 kB)

hi tolgainam, actually the projection on 3D shape is one of the issue that vvvv solve in very brilliant way…

i don’t understand if you want just to match a single layer video with you real surface…(for that homograpy solve brilliant this issue) but in case you want to mach your video or texture or whatever to a more complex shape than a pannel, you can go little bit more inside in the how to project on 3d shape following the tutorial…
all the time i did projection on 3d shape I use it.

the projector node help you to mach exactly the real space and the 3d object where you are projecting on…

off course first you must be able to export a 3d object in the size you want.

just a question… why the object you are exporting have also a thickness?
do you want to project also in the edge?

I am having the results as I want now, thanks for tip.

On flat surfaces I use Homography and it just works perfect.
But I am trying with a Box now, using the two different faces of it
and I am having problems with it. I created it in 3DMax with correct size and also the projected 3D image now fits well to the
real world object.

what I cant do is: I want to play two differen videos on two different sides but I cant assign them like a texture.

i see… projecting on a 3d surface to be able to have a different textures on each faces of the 3d mesh you need to divide the mash into subset… so in this way allow you to menage every single face separately.

try connect count (ex9.geometry mesh) to the XFile node and see what there is in the outpin.

also the filestream node is not spreadable but maybe you already know this… that you need to use different filestream node and connect it in a cons texture node.

hope to be helpfull