Xfile/ different object


as I posted in the shoutbox, I’ve got a little problem considering xfiles and seperate objects. The plan is to assign different parameters to different objects in the same xfile.

I can read the different objects using the Getslice command (and edit them using spreads (thx for that oschatz), but as soon as I want to edit something within the mesh (like mesh distort), vvvv uses the whole xfile and not the seperate objects.

Any thoughts on this ?

screenshot is attatched.

meshproblem.jpg (69.3 kB)

I tried to do it , and that doesn´t work …
it´s a bug , maybe??
But you can simply add mesh , if you concatenate the different indices , vertex… , for the same result …

Well thanks for the help, it works now (except for the mesh transform, but nevermind that then)

I have a screenshot attatched with the working version.

final.jpg (132.8 kB)