Xfile attached to bezier points


Please someone help and tell me how can I attach xfiles into bezier points so I can animate bezie and past that animation to xfiles.

Plesae someone…please


all I can understand is that you want to move a mesh (from xfile) along a bezier line, is that right?

In this case B-Spline (3D) may help. Otherwise the best way to ask for help is to post a patch showing what you want to do, comments are welcome.


Hi Simone

In this example the sound animates a bezier line and the idea is attach 3D objects along the line so they can receive the animation from the line.

sound.v4p (5.5 kB)

still not sure if it is what you want but here you can see quads attached to the bezier line

sound_1.v4p (10.4 kB)

I think it will help. Thank you. I was looking to B-Spline 3D and I found it very interesting but need a couple hours.