X64 Range check error


seems that I was able to compile Filestream Vlc for 64-bit, but trying to use the node gives me a Range check error.

Any developers could give me some ideas where I should start looking first?

hei ft, can you be more precise?
probably commit your code so we can check it out over here?

Hi Joreg,

I have an open pull request with the latest changes.

It’s exactly that code. I changed the configuration to x64, and rebuilt the project. I also installed VLC 64bit, and tried to use the compiled node with the latest alpha I downloaded.

So I didn’t make any changes for x64 yet, but I wanted to try to clean up the problems so it would also work on x64.

Not entirely sure if the range check error has something to do with VLC node. I’ll look into it, and report back when I have more information…


The range check error seems unrelated (current alpha).
VLC is working successfully, now that I pointed it to the right path where VLC 64bit resides.

(So, is there a reason VLC node 64bit is not in the alpha addonpack yet?)