X,y -> movinghead pan/tilt

hey devvvvs,
i’ve got a movinghead and i can control pan and tilt via dmx.
i am trying to map pan/tilt on x/y coordinates.
but it’s not working properly.
i already tried polar node and warppoints (turned source into target) to calculate it.

this is my setup:




the movinghead is moving well. but i have that really heavy arc and i am not able to “draw” a simple quad (straight lines) with the light.

any suggestions could help.

i think it’s just a math problem, which i can not understand :(

thanks, best regards, p.

basically Polar (3d) is the node to start with.

i am also working on something like this.
as soon i have good solution i will post it here!

Any News on this, I am also doing a similar thing with a moving head pointing to a particular place on the floor.

I have no problem in getting a box to point towards the spot on the floor, but I am having trouble getting the pan tilt right when it comes to DMX. I am using a MARTIN MAC 301.

I have been looking at kalles simulation patches, using the mac 300, just the pan and tilt, to see if there was any further idea on how to get it working, but I am a bit stuck now.

I have attached a patch that show where I have gotten.


x-y2polar.v4p (33.8 kB)

hey sune,

your doubt was right.

but with 2 little changes you are quite close.

btw: are you on skype?

x-y2polar.v4p (36.0 kB)

Thanks a ton kalle You have just made some Art and technology students really happy :)

I am on skype, I have added you, but I am often a bit confused so it might be easier if you add me, I am sune.p on skype.


Hello Kalle (and other vvvv experts?),

We are the art and technology students that Sune is talking about.
We need some help:)

Here is where we are now:

We have a connection between the spotlight (MARTIN MAC 301) and our tracking patch. We have installed the spotlight on the celing. Beside the spotlight we have installed infrared lights and an infrared camera. When people are being tracked we want the spotlight to turn on and stay on the same person for some seconds. It should follow the person.(we have to decide how many seconds).

OK so here we are NOW:
the spotlight goes on when a person is being tracked, but it immediatly turns away again. (it shuts off). It is also flickering. So our issue is how to keep the spotlight on the person for more than one split second?

We have attached a zip file with the tracking and spotlight patch.

We hope you can help - maybe just give us a hint?
And thank you so much for your help earlier!

  • students at ArT and Technology, AAU.

Patches.zip (9.8 kB)

the patch you attached has all the absolute links, so it results broken here. anyway, after editing xml i saw the patch. Probably you can try another tracking approach (another type of bgsub, i mean).

here you find a thread i started some time ago, with some tools useful for tracking, hope it helps :)

hi students,

“bedroom” is a nice path…

your tracking subpatch doesn’t work really here with my webcam.

but it outputted a spread already and this “puzzles” the sequences of DMXvalues.

this could explain the “shutting off” and the flickering.

when using Cons (Spreads) this way: make sure you don’t feed spreads in any of it’s input pins!

stud.aaa.zip (9.9 kB)

The Exhibition is now over and I have tried to condense the central part of the conversion into a module. I still need to make a help file for the module. but it should be relatively straight forward.

the module works with the position of the lamp and the position of a target. and outputs the pan and tilt needed to aim for the target from the lamp.

I am not sure where it actually belongs, but suggest animation

feedback as always welcome.


XY2PanTilt (Animation).v4p (13.5 kB)