.x to .dxf

does somebody know a solution to convert .x to .dxf?

i like to generate 3D-meshes with my favourite toolkit and export them to .dxf or similar.

fast answer appreciated…


blender is able to import .x files and is also able to export .dxf.

and its free!

I tried importing .x files with blender some minutes ago and it didn’t work. Says ‘IndexError: list index out of range’
Tried different .x files, some exported from blender itself, some from the net (which are hard to find imo), same result.

But I read about milkshape 3D ( http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/ ).
Seems to be able to import .x and a lot of other stuff as well as exporting it.

Maybe worth to give it a try.
I will do so now…

i had the same troubles in the beginning with .x files and blender…

that sounds like you use the wrong importer exporter… there are several versions of that .x exporter floating around. and you can use more than one of those versions in blender… make sure that you use this one and select the right one in the save/load menu.

i managed sucessfully to import an x-file and export it as .dxf

Thanks for all your answers!

Deep Exploration is pretty cool
and seems very usable.