X-File UV's and PointEditor

Hi vvvvorums, does anyone know how to transfer X-File UV’s thrum PoinEditor3D? Cause re-working it all the time with blender little bit too-much. Might be there is any easier way…

dear antokhio,

maybe you find my module Repair (EX9.Geometry Texture UV Data).v4p helpful.
you find this at kalle.Modules.EX9.Geometry

Looks, like it not helping, cause i’m usin a model, that contains, more then one mesh (all meshes facing top, all meshes facing front and all meshes facing left). And if i even rework that, then it has a new encounter that mesh is 3d and it needs UWV probably…

If there any way i can split faces & and apply 3-4 textures on groups of faces? If there is! Then it gonna be a good answer to my prays…

Might be a way to see what point editor texture must look like?

Well nice way to edit them all one-by-one ;]
Btw any way to join X-Files before they get to shader?

Ouch, i just get that i was a dummy! lol! Thanks! And Repair rules! Big thanks for help Kalle! Tough day™